April 15 - May 29, 2020

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MedCOF-14 comprises 3 steps. The first one has been devoted to verification of the MedCOF-13 winter forecast; the second one to the assessment of current state of climate and, finally, the third one to the building of consensus statements.There has also been a preCOF on-line session. 

In every step, all communications have gone through the forum tool:


Pre-COF: On-line tutorial on MEDSCOPE toolbox “CS-Tools”  

Date: Thu 21st May

In the frame of the ERA4CS MEDSCOPE project a toolbox (CSTools) has been developed to provide a set of generalized methods and ready-to-use tools. The package has functions for forecast verification and comprehensive skill assessments – including those for user-oriented applications – for downscaling, calibration and bias adjustment of the forecasts, and develop methodologies of optimal forecast combination to provide a single source of information.

This series of short movies demonstrate how to use the CSTools package using actual climate data ( We provide a small sample of the tools available: calibration, downscaling, plotting, to name only a few. 

Click on the title to download the mp4 files.

Videos have been prepared with the participation of the following people:

  • Louis-Philippe Caron (BSC, Spain)
  • Nuria Perez (BSC, Spain)
  • Ignazio Giuntoli (ISAC CNR, Italy)
  • Eroteida Sanchez (AEMET, Spain)
  • Silvia Terzago (ISAC CNR, Italy)
  • Bert Van Schaeybroeck (RMI, Belgium)
  • Jost von Hardenberg (ISAC CNR, Italy)


STEP-1: Verification of winter 2019-20 seasonal forecast

Editors: P. Bissolli and R. Selmi (also moderators)


  • Thu 30th April National verification reports posted on the forum
  • Fri 8th May First draft compilation posted on the forum
  • Fri 8th – Wed 13th May Discussion
  • Fri 15th May Second draft compilation ready for adoption


Click here to download the Final Assessment of MedCOF13 Climate Outlook for winter season 2019-20.


STEP-2: Assessment of the current state of climate

Editors: C. Viel, P. Bissolli and R. Selmi (also moderators)


  • Wed 20th May First draft for the current state of climate
  • Wed 20th – Fri 22nd May Discussion
  • Fri 22nd May Second draft
  • Fri 22nd – Tue 26th May Discussion
  • Tue 26th May Final document ready for adoption


Click here to download the summary document for step 2 based on the working reports produced by RAI NA RCC-CM, RAVI RCC-CM and RAVI RCC-LRF.


STEP-3: Building of the consensus statement

Editors: C. Viel, W. Badi, E. Rodríguez


  • Fri 22nd May Reports from RCCs (C. Viel, W. Badi)
  • Mon 25th May First draft consensus
  • Mon 25th – Wed 27th May Discussion
  • Wed 27th May Second draft consensus
  • Wed 27th – Fri 29th May Discussion
  • Fri 29th May Final document ready for adoption
  • Fri 29th May Webex and adoption of STEP1, 2 and 3 documents


Click here to download the Consensus Statement MedCOF-14 for summer season 2019.