April 12 - May 27, 2016

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MedCOF-6 comprises 3 steps. The first one had been devoted to verification of the MedCOF-5 winter forecast; the second one to the assessment of current state of climate and, finally, the third one to the building of consensus statements.

In every step, all communications have gone through the forum tool.

    • STEP-1: Verification of winter 2015-16 seasonal forecast

      Click here to download the Final Assessment of MedCOF5 Climate Outlook for winter season 2015-16.

    • STEP-2: Assessment of the current state of climate

      Click here to download the summary document for step 2 based on the working reports produced by RAI NA RCC-CM, RAVI RCC-CM and RAVI RCC-LRF.

    • STEP-3: Building of the consensus statement

      Click here to download the Consensus Statement MedCOF-6 for summer season 2016.