The Eleventh MedCOF

Cairo, Egypt, November 26-29, 2018

The Eleventh Session of Mediterranean Climate Outlook Forum (MedCOF-11), the 20th Session of South East European Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF-20) and the 12th Session of Northern Africa Climate Outlook Forum (PRESANORD-12) has taken place in Cairo, Egypt, from 26 to 29 November 2018, hosted by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA). It is remarkable that for the first time these sessions have been conducted in conjunction with the session of the Arab Climate Outlook Forum (ArabCOF).


MedCOF-11 comprises 3 steps, which all require your participation. The first one will be devoted to verification of the MedCOF-10 summer forecast; the second one to the assessment of current state of climate and, finally, the third one to the building of consensus statements.


Here you can download the final forum report:


Here you can download the verification report:


Here you can download the monitoring summary:


Here you can download the Consensus Statement MedCOF-11 Report:


Here you can download the agenda and presentations:


Here you can download the list of participants:


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