"Elements for the production of Objective Seasonal Forecasts: MedCOFsub-region. First part."

May 31 - Jun 1, 2022  (on line)


31th May: https://bit.ly/3yTLguJ

1st Jun: https://bit.ly/3MLwuuc


The recent completion of MEDSCOPE project within the framework of ERA4CS initiative (https://www.medscope-project.eu) provides improved knowledge of climate predictability at the seasonal time scale over the Mediterranean region, a collection of tools for analyzing and synthesizing seasonal forecast information, and the development and evaluation of downstream services in three priority sectors (renewable energy, water management and agriculture/forestry). A survey carried out within the Mediterranean Climate Outlook Forum (MedCOF) community stressed the need for a training workshop on climate predictability and tools for synthesizing and analyzing seasonal climate forecast information.

Following recommendations collected in the “Guidance for Mediterranean Climate Outlook Forum sub-region to enable operational production of objective seasonal forecasts” and thorough discussion within the MedCOF community attwo PreCOF events (29th Nov and 16th Dec 2021), we propose a training workshop, aiming at the production of objective seasonal forecasts for the MedCOF sub-region.


Tentative program:


May 31st

9:00-10:00 Introduction (Wilfran Moufouma and Ernesto Rodríguez)

Block 1: Sources of seasonal predictability in MedCOF region

                            Video of the morning session

                            Video of the afternoon session


June 1st

Block 2: Available seasonal climate information:

Block 3: Downstream and sectoral application climate services

                           Video of the morning session

                            Video of the talk

                            Video of the talk



Please, note that all hours in this schedule are in CEST time zone (UTC+2)


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