Belgrade, Serbia, November 13-19, 2013

   As agreed in the MedCOF Scoping Meeting (12-14 June 2013, Madrid, Spain), the first session of the Mediterranean Climate Outlook Forum (MedCOF-1) was held on 18-19 November 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia, kindly hosted by the Republic Hydrometeorological Service (RHMS) of Serbia.

Scoping Meeting for a Mediterranean Climate Outlook Forum.

12-14 June 2013, Madrid.

The scoping meeting focused on collaboration/cooperation across the Mediterranean basin for operational provision of climate information at seasonal scales (and tentatively beyond).

It was mainly organized to allow in depth discussions on the scientific issues relevant for a potential Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOF) covering partially or totally the Mediterranean basin. RCOFs are a key component of the climate-related activities performed by WMO and a pillar of the Global Framework for Climate Services.